News: Most Popular Day To Move Home Is Revealed

Wed, 18 Aug 10

The Post Office has revealed that the most popular day of the year to move home is just two weeks away.

According to latest data from the Post Office 1 September is the most popular day to move. A key factor is that the start of the new school year is shortly after this date and homeowners are keen to settle into their new home before then.

The Post Office is using the latest research to highlight the importance of notifying utility suppliers and banks of a change of address in good time, to avoid post getting lost and ensure connections to new homes are in place.

It is recommended to let utility companies know at least a fortnight in advance, however the Post Office’s latest research found that four out of ten home movers put this off until less than a week before moving. A quarter leave a similarly short time to tell their bank of a change of address.

The research also surveyed people about how the moving process affects their relationship with friends and family. A half of those surveyed said they fell out with friends and partners during the moving process.
Hugh Stacey, head of the Post Office’s telecoms service HomePhone, said: "Our findings show a surprisingly large number of people make little or no effort to plan their move in advance, despite it being a huge life event.

“With only two weeks until the busiest day of the year for moving home, if people act quickly there's still enough time to give notice for your landline and broadband to be transferred in time for your move or for a new supplier to get you connected.”

By Joe Lepper  

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