News: Landlord’s shock after flat is stripped of items by evicted tenant

Mon, 03 May 21

It’s a story that’s seldom told - how some tenants steal items from landlords’ properties when a tenancy ends.

Now the Oxford Mail newspaper has a story of a landlord who is in shock after a tenant he describes as “noisy” and “not nice” emptied his entire property after being evicted. 

“The tenant took with her the television, all of the cutlery, the microwave, the toaster, and even took my lawnmower” the landlord tells the paper.

“Everything had been stolen and it was completely unclean when we got there. The fridge was filled with muddy water.”

The newspaper reports that the tenant allegedly stopped paying stopped paying rent in January 2020, after which she was evicted following a court hearing. 

The landlord is reported to have received a letter from Oxford council stating the tenant was making excessive noise and behaving in an anti-social manner late at night. 

The tenant was also accused of leaving “excessive waste items in the garden” that were “becoming a detriment to the local amenity”.



The landlord and his wife are now said to be suffering financially - the property is their only buy to let and in the absence of rent they are now “running out of money”.

Thames Valley Police are looking into the thefts.

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