News: Irresistible India 'ripe' for investing

Tue, 25 Sep 07

A leading consultant has advised Brits that now is the right time to invest in India, reports Assetz...

According to Hena Kishore, a property consultant for Sternon, India’s rapid economic growth and thriving property market should not be ignored:

"India is emerging very strongly as a property market... the economy is really growing and people do want to invest in this country at this point in time”.

Ms Kishore added:

"India is a very popular holiday destination, people love visiting areas like Mumbai and Goa especially. Apart from being a holiday destination, people want to invest there because they know the economy of India is rising. Everybody wants to invest and get good returns off it and at this point in time I think India is the best place to do that”.

Too good to be true?

A popular destination, offering culture, wildlife, scenery and beaches along with a growing economy sounds like an ideal recipe for success. But is it all too good to be true? Are there not legal pitfalls, loopholes, impossible bureaucracy or other perils waiting to trap investors?

Not at all, insists Ms Kishore: "It's completely safe and there are deeds and contracts and purchase agreements which are exchanged between the developer and the client ... so there’s absolutely no problem in purchasing a property in India."

The FCO website adds that Britain's trade with India has doubled since 1993. In such circumstances, one might well ask - If so many other areas of economic activity between the countries are growing, why not property? If the situation is as promising as Ms Kishore states, India offers a wonderful investment opportunity.


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