News: Government launches low carbon building programme

Fri, 01 Aug 08

The Government has launched a scheme that could help UK homeowners slash fuel costs.

According to VELUX, installing solar thermal technology into every home across the UK could reduce homeowners’ fuel bills by as much as £2 billion a year. In light of the Government’s Low Carbon Building Programme, homeowners can now benefit even more by taking advantage of the £10 million grant scheme available until 2010, allowing them to install devices such as a solar hot water system at little or no extra cost.

Heating water in the home typically takes up 27% of the home’s energy consumption and is predominately fuelled by gas or electricity. However, by using solar thermal, to harness energy from the sun in order to heat a large proportion of a home’s water requirements, a typical household’s annual fuel bills could be reduced as much as £100 a year.

Reducing carbon emissions

Kevin Brennan, Head of Sustainability for VELUX Company Ltd, comments: “Climate change is high on the agenda, as we all face increasing pressure to reduce our carbon footprint. Further still inflation figures suggest that the average cost of living has increased significantly over the last year, with rising fuel prices proving a key, contributing factor.

“Installing something as simple as a solar hot water system can not only help to reduce a home’s carbon emissions but it can reduce annual fuel bills too. I applaud the Government for making it easier for homeowners to benefit from such technologies, by extending the Low Carbon Building Programme (LCBP) grants scheme until 2010. The £10 million support grant available to homeowners will significantly reduce the cost of installing energy saving devices in the home."

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