News: Generation Rent attacks landlords on Homes Under The Hammer

Fri, 19 Feb 21

Generation Rent has criticised the aspirations of some landlords who appear on the daytime BBC show Homes Under The Hammer. 

“The regular inclusion of landlords turning family homes into Houses of Multiple Occupancy on the show is troubling” says the campaign group on Twitter.

It continues: “Cramming in as many people into houses as you can is not only bad for renters' mental health but also removes a family home from the market.”

The criticism comes after the campaign was mentioned in an article in The Guardian newspaper; the story looked at the success of the programme, which has been running since 2003 and now attracts an average audience of some 1.3m.

Celebrities who have come out as fans of the show include, unlikely as it may seem, actors Meryl Streep and Mark Wahlberg as well as Paul McCartney.  

However Generation Rent - led by its director, Baroness Alicia Kennedy - seems less enthusiastic.

Its spokesman Dan Wilson Craw is quoted in the Guardian piece saying of landlords who are featured on the show: “In most of these cases, you’re taking a family home and cramming as many people in there as you can, to maximise the profit you can get out of it. That’s a big problem.”

He goes on to speak of the mental health consequences of being stuck in what are referred to as “pokey flats without communal living areas.”


And he adds: “Property prices have risen as a result of the demand for investment properties, and that drives further investment … Buy to let developed a reputation in the 1990s and 2000s as being a good place to put your money. But of course the source of all this money is renters who may have been in a position to buy a home, were it not for all these landlords driving up the prices.” 

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