News: Florida is 'safe as houses'

Tue, 25 Sep 07

Florida homes are to be safer than ever with a $100 million injection of funding from the US government...

The US Department of Housing and Development will give home owners a portion of the fund to strengthen their homes against hurricane damage and to help them fix any current damage to their property from recent hurricanes in the state.

Governor Jeb Bush said: "Fortifying Florida is essential for instilling a culture of preparedness.

"We want to help Floridians harden their homes against potential damage, which is an investment that can save them money on their annual insurance premium and spare them the anguish of losing their home during a natural disaster."

Florida already receives $250 million from the government towards the ''My safe Florida home'' programme. This programme gives homeowners a grant of up to $5,000 to make their homes safer.

It is expected that the latest injection of funding to improve the safety of properties will encourage more investment into Florida. More property is likely to be bought when investors can be sure that their investment will stand up to the force of a hurricane.

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