News: Finland BTL is childs play

Wed, 09 Jan 08

Finland is full of potential for savvy investors...

And one of the things that is so great thing about Finland property is the buyer protection offered by the Government. Deposits made on off-plan properties are held by the government until the property is built and the keys are handed over, meaning buyers can change their mind and simply get their deposit back minus a small administration fee, unlike most cases where the buyer would have to market and resell their property. This protection would also be beneficial if for any reason work should stop on the properties.

As for the rental market, the sheer number of outdoor activities, Lapland's mystique, 24 hour summer daylight, and beautiful scenery, to compliment the obvious strengths of the winter market and Northern lights attraction, as well as the properties being managed, should make earning an all year round rental income child's play. In an article in the Guardian Sat 24 Nov. Judith Prescott wrote: "one rental agency reports summer visitors to Lapland more than trebled to more than 1500 between 2002 and 2005."

Lapland is truly one of the world's growth areas. Further helping this is the poor skiing conditions in the Alps for several seasons, prompting tour operators to look for better options, making Levi's six months of great conditions a firm favourite. This has prompted a growth in the availability of flights to Lapland, with British Midland now offering flights from Heathrow to Kitilla, just 14km from Levi, and many more operators have packages from U.K. airports in the pipeline.

This will see the popularity of Levi continue to grow, and combined with the growing popularity of skiing, making a holiday home on perhaps Europe's best ski resort: Levi, an incredibly wise investment indeed.

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