News: Emerging markets list 'surprises'

Fri, 25 May 07

The Dubai property market has progressed up the list of emerging sectors published by a foreign exchange company...

Currencies Direct has revealed that, according to its global emerging markets index, property in Dubai is now second in the list of thriving sectors.

Turkey occupies the top spot - this is unchanged since the last survey.

Bulgaria, Thailand and Hungary also join Dubai in the top ten list of emerging regions. Established sectors such as Spain, France and the US were excluded from the list.

The period of growth that the market for real estate in Dubai is experiencing has recently been demonstrated by the success of an overseas property exposition in the city, which attracted over 3,000 potential buyers.

Mike Bridge, organiser of the event, said:

 "When we started these international shows in Dubai back in 1996, we attracted 15 exhibitors and 350 visitors.

"It would now seem ten years later, that buying real estate as an investment or for a second home abroad is definitely back in fashion".

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