News: Emerging Egypt's 'exquisite' economy

Mon, 15 Oct 07

Egypt is undoubtedly best known for its Pyramid’s, but its continued economic growth, including significant investment into communications and infrastructure is paving the way for property investors...

With the current growth rate nearing 7% the government has instigated a five year plan from 2007 – 2011 targeting GDP which is essential in order for Egypt to maintain and build upon the early successes it has experienced as one of the most popular emerging markets for holiday ownership.

Anthony Fernandes, Director of SPC Overseas says, “Egypt is seen by many as the intellectual and cultural leader in this region. This combined with its strong relationship with the UK, who are actually responsible for the largest non-Arab investment and the UK’s continued interest in developing relations and investment with Egypt are sending the right signals to investors.

With a proven tourist industry and a rapidly increasing property market, I expect Egypt to dominate this region over the coming years with the biggest benefits going to those that had the foresight to invest at this early stage.”

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