News: EC boost for Italy

Tue, 25 Sep 07

The European Commission’s (EC) limit on the "abuse" of public service obligation (PSO) routes in Italy will boost tourism in the country, claims EasyJet...

People who have invested in property in Italy are also set to see an advantage from the move, according to the airline, in the form of more choice as to which airline they fly with.

EasyJet claims that the PSO system enabled Italian airlines to dominate certain routes from the country and the island of Sardinia and also receive aid from the government.

Arnaldo Munoz, EasyJet regional manager for southern Europe, said:

"We are pleased with this decision and congratulate the European Commission for limiting this attempt to give state aid through the back door to a few airlines.

"This decision will bring the Italian consumer more choice, lower fares and better service. Tourism in Sardinia will also benefit, as more visitors will be able to reach the island throughout the year."

Sardinia is an island off the west coast of Italy and is a popular sector within the Italian property market, owing to its beautiful landscapes and travel destinations such as the Gennargentu mountain range and the Costa Smeralda region.

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