News: Cyprus confirms Cultural Centre

Tue, 01 May 07

The construction of the Cyprus Cultural Centre has been approved - a development expected to boost the island’s tourism and property sectors...

A British construction firm, Hopkins Architects, has been entrusted with making the centre a reality and is expected to complete its work by the turn of the decade, the Cyprus Financial Mirror reports.

This potential boost to the Cyprus property market will be used for showcasing performing arts, international music concerts, dance, opera, ballet and theatre.

It is expected to cost around £54 million and will be situated opposite the country’s finance ministry in an area that has been earmarked as a major cultural zone.

Kikis Lazarides, chairman of the Cyprus Cultural Foundation, said:

"The Cyprus Cultural Centre is now taking a specific shape and we are now entering the final stretch in Cyprus acquiring what it deserves, a modern temple of art and culture and an excellent architectural design."

Mr Lazarides also expressed his hope that the island will be placed on the cultural map, an achievement that "it deserves as a European country".

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