News: Cape Verde tourism 'rocketing'

Mon, 10 Sep 07

Cape Verde's National Statistics Institute recorded a 26.4 per cent rise in the number of tourists in 2006. Research found that the proximity of the islands to Europe - a five to six hour flight - is particularly attractive to holidaymakers...

Property agents Jet2Let have suggested that many Britons who would ordinarily visit somewhere like the Maldives have turned their attention to Cape Verde instead, as it offers similar attractions but is less than half the distance away.

One local tour operator has noticed the increase in the number of British visitors. Jenny Adams of The Cape Verde Experience said there has been "a buzz about the islands for the last year, as Cape Verde continues to be the must-visit destination".

Massive flight demand

Direct flights to the region from Gatwick and Manchester were launched last year and The Cape Verde Experience says it has already had to increase its flight allocation "due to the demand from holidaymakers".

According to Ms Adams, the Cape Verde islands "appeal to a wide client-base". The fact that it is made up of different islands means that there are diverse attractions and something for everyone.

"Those looking for a pleasant hotel and stress-free beach holiday will not be disappointed by Sal or Boa Vista. Similarly, those seeking exploration and adventure will be well-suited to the various island-hopping itineraries offered by The Cape Verde Experience," she explained.

"Both couples and families travel to the islands, but the former tend to opt for single or twin-centre holidays," she continued, adding that Cape Verde "also has an appeal for special-interest groups - windsurfing, for instance is a popular pastime on Sal and Sao Vicente".

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