News: Buyers sweet on 'sublime' San Pietro

Mon, 24 Sep 07

San Pietro in Puglia is offering enticing investors with its cheap property prices...

Around an hour away from Brindisi Airport, the humble town of Puglia in San Pietro is popular with vacationers, particularly the Italians themselves, giving a hint of the beauty just waiting to be beheld!

With Puglias dislike for structures over a 2 floor height, the expansive scenery is undisturbed by unsightly hotels or other such landscape spoiling features. This ‘U’ shaped development is built one block back from the sea road, providing 2 bedroom apartments just 250 metres from the surrounding sun baked beaches.

Serving as the instantly recognisable heel of the atlas bound, boot shaped Italy, Puglia is Italy’s recognition-less archaeological hot spot, having hosted settlers since the first millennium B.C. As we all know times change and visitors these days are less likely to spend their time making pottery or weaponry!

Stunning nature reserves

Trekking around timeless olive groves or walking through stunning nature reserves can occupy those inquisitive explorers amongst you! Snorkelling or scuba diving are also optional attractions for you more adventurous and perhaps sea loving folk! Whatever you’re looking for, there’s surely something for everyone in this, one of the worlds most stunning regions!

The typically Mediterranean climate of Puglia provides both hot summers and wet winters, putting it amongst the warmest areas in Italy. From May to October, Southern Puglia has an average temperature of around 18°C (with a tendency to climb). November through to March, can, in contrast have over 60 days of rainfall! Mornings are perhaps more accommodating for discovering its exciting cities, leaving the lazy sunny afternoons for all your beach in/activity!

Sublime environment

Taking leisurely shopping trips to the local supermarkets or strolling down the old cobbled streets in casual search of refreshment, San Pietro offers you the options to do almost anything. So if visiting the hairdressers or shopping for designer clothing and jewellery is your thing, great!

Maybe you could waste the day away visiting the abundance of food outlets that vary from butchers, fish mongers and bakers and most enticingly, the alluring ice cream parlours! Restaurants and pizzerias are notably commonplace too.

With the sublime environment in which all of this is enveloped, you’ll find no reason to rush around as you go about your day!

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