News: A new phase For Phuket

Thu, 01 Nov 07

Throughout its rapid modernization Phuket has retained its tropical beauty and charm and affordability...

The costs of living are approximately 1/3 of UK prices. Today Phuket property is not only the most sought-after in South-East Asia, but is a serious competitor with the Mediterranean for the European market.

Koh Maphrao, which translates into Coconut Island, is on the East coast of Phuket. With spectacular views of the thousands of islands dotting Phang-Nga Bay, the east coast is becoming an exclusive residential address. The protected waters of Phang-Nga Bay are smooth year-round and therefore ideal for sailing and watersports.

The island address ensures undisturbed peace, privacy and security, yet is highly accessible. The location of Coconut Island, just 650m off the east coast of Phuket, is ideal for the owner who wishes to relax in a peaceful environment while still being able to quickly access Phuket amenities.

Solid infrastructure

Phuket remains a beautiful tropical holiday island and a casual vacation atmosphere pervades all aspects of life here. The tourism sector is responsible for much of Phuket’s solid infrastructure and excellent portfolio of leisure and lifestyle amenities including top-notch golf, year-round sailing and diving, luxurious spas and beauty centers, international cuisines, big shopping complexes, boutiques, chic bars.

Although only being 3 minutes off the East coast of Phuket, Coconut Island is one of the most centrally located areas on Phuket. Only a 3 minute 24/7 private water taxi will get you to the shore, and from there you can be at one of the many top golf courses within 25mins, the British international school in 10mins and shopping and cinema 15min. The Phuket international airport which connects the island with major Asian capitals and has frequent daily flights to Bangkok is only 35 minuets away.

With the picturesque backdrop of Phang Nga bay and the impressive portfolio of amenities and the safe pair of hands which will be running the resort now is a great time to invest.

For more information:  http://www.thevillage-coconutisland.com

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